“More and more young people today are growing disillusioned and dissatisfied with the Church in America because of our lack of ability to address and answer life’s questions and problems with the word of God. If we hope for our children to grow up knowing, believing in and committed to Jesus, then it’s our responsibility to show them how His word is relevant for their lives, no matter what the subject. When you consider how many people have either “made contact”, or witnessed a UFO, it’s surprising to me that, up until now, there’s been little wisdom given by the Church addressing this matter. The silence ends now. This film de-mystifies scientific theories of extraterrestrial life and removes the veil of deception about what, and who is really behind UFO’s and aliens. I hope churches and youth ministries across the country take advantage of this film resource to glean knowledge and get equipped, to then share the truth addressing this topic in light of what God’s word says and what the scientific truth is. The Bible isn’t irrelevant and the Church is not inadequate to the task of addressing aliens and other scientific matters. This film demonstrates that God’s word, yet again, is proven to have an answer for every quandary, qualm, and question of humanity. I pray this film edifies scores of churches and brings answers and healing to many people trying to make sense of the confusing deception they’re surrounded by in this world. I cannot wait for this film to come out!”

Jacob Barksdale - Youth Pastor of The Bridge Christian Fellowship, Oak Harbor, WA

"The movie, Alien Intrusion: Unmasking the Deception is a sobering and scientific analysis, exploring the UFO phenomenon.  Beautifully produced, Alien Intrusion is expertly scripted and biblically bold.  The long and credible list of eyewitnesses move the film toward an essential question: “What are the origins of these unidentified and mysterious beings?” The truth is a powerful confirmation of the reality of Scripture."

Pastor, Dr John Hull, Eastside Baptist Church, Marietta, Atlanta GA

"As a long-time investigator of the UFO phenomenon (since 1961), I have come across hundreds of so-called UFO "documentaries" over the years. But nothing comes even close to the ultimate, hard-core truth presented in this brilliant, profound new film: ALIEN INTRUSION: UNMASKING THE DECEPTION. The accuracy of documented facts arranged throughout such a wide range of contents in this film is simply unprecedented and staggering.  This is a must-see film not only for those who are interested in this real but deceptive phenomenon but also for the public-at-large who have never thought about it from this angle. I can guarantee that this film will open the eyes of everyone that views it.  It will completely change one's worldview and will lead to a deeper understanding (and for many, a re-confirmation) of what the truth is."

Norio Hayakawa, Director: UFO researcher. The Civilian Intelligence Network, and former member of NICAP and APRO

"With Ph.D. precision, the science is in-depth and logical as are the perspectives shared by MUFON and other UFO researchers. But the most mesmerizing part of the film are the first-hand accounts told by actual “abductees” whose personal experiences send chills down the spine of anyone watching.  The film-maker expertly weaves together familiar components before exposing an unfamiliar set of theories that will resonate with “believers” and non-believers alike. At KAOS CONNECT, our mission is to find alternative content that not only entertains but simultaneously captures the imagination, intellect and heart of movie goers nationwide.  Alien Intrusion delivers on all counts."

Dan Diamond and Shelly Maxwell, Managing Partners at Kaos Connect (specialists in event cinema)

"Warning, watching the new film ‘ALIEN INTRUSION, Unmasking the Deception’, could alter your current beliefs on UFO's and Alien Abductions. The polls taken over the past few decades point to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who have had what they believe to be an ‘alien encounter’, whether through a UFO sighting, or a so-called alien abduction experience. What the polls don't tell you, are the number of lives that have been turned upside down because of these experiences. People, who have experienced something so utterly life changing, horrific, and against their will, that it completely changes their world view. Many are even showing signs of suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). What has been missing in the field of UFO research is, a hope for these hurting people. A hope that they can have their lives back. Which, I believe, you will best find presented in this powerful and moving film."

Joseph G. Jordan, MUFON National Director, South Korea, Director CE4 Research Group

"What do we say about the movie version of our favorite books? “The book was better.” Not so with the film Alien Intrusion: Unmasking the Deception. The film version takes a similar approachable and factual style that made the book so readable and eye-opening. It supplies solid answers about these alleged space aliens that the overwhelming majority of Westerners believe exist. The movie goes beyond the book in some ways. It uses unique graphics, a clean soundtrack, and original alien witness interviews to answer key questions about alien life and evolution, alien origins and activities, and most importantly, the way Jesus affects these entities and their human targets. Alien Intrusion fascinates at first and uplifts at the last. I say see it."

Brian Thomas, Science Writer, Institute for Creation Research, Dallas, TX

"The brothers and sisters at CMI have been tremendous ministry partners over the years. They have provided so much for the Church with their research, articles, books and movies. “Evolution’s Achilles Heels” was so informative for the body, equipping for apologetics. Anyone will appreciate its thoroughness. “Alien Intrusion” is just as good if not better. At first, a Christian might think “What does Creation have to do with aliens?” My answer to that is much, as it gets to the heart of the Gospel through and through. The first half showed how humanity has been conditioned by movies and books to believe in extraterrestrial intelligence. CMI has many credentialed scientists that debunk the possibility of hyper space travel with simple physics. The second half is the part that was very moving and convicting as Gary demonstrated a pastoral heart of compassion for the millions who have had their worldview shattered by these “Alien” encounters. As a pastor gave me a whole new heart and appreciation for those who have been deceived. “Alien Intrusion” is a fantastic resource for the body of Christ and will certainly help Pastors be able to address this and minister from a Biblical perspective."

Pastor Scott Gallatin, Calvary Chapel, Farmington, NY. Host of the Northeast Calvary Chapel Pastor’s Conference.

"As a pastor l living in Roswell New Mexico, I see the interest in the UFO phenomenon every single day and the confusion that is in so many lives over their experiences with UFOs.  It is because of this that I am so excited about the movie Alien Intrusion: Unmasking the Deception.  Researcher Gary Bates and his team do an absolutely amazing job of exploring, explaining and exposing the realities behind UFOs in an engaging and impacting way.  It’s a production on par with anything Hollywood has made and this well-done documentary will help you walk through the question of what are these ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ and what is behind the experiences that people claim to have with ‘alien’ entities, in a reasonable, scientific and biblical way that no longer leaves UFOs ‘unidentified’.  This is a film that will benefit and appeal to all, from the casually curious to most ardent UFO believer.  As a pastor, I want to encourage every Christian to see this movie and bring a friend."

Pastor Jim Suttle, Calvary Chapel Roswell, NM

“A high-quality film that draws viewers in until the final mind-blowing conclusion from the mouths of the alien abduction ‘experiencers’ themselves.  The clear Gospel presentation at the end turns this movie into a powerful evangelistic tool.”

Richard Fangrad., CEO, Creation Ministries International Canada

Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception provides absolutely compelling evidence for the real origin of UFOs and aliens and their connection with the theory of evolution, concluding with a get-right-with-God message. CMI has turned one of their best books into their best film.”

Pastor Rob Holding, Katikati Christian Centre, broadcaster and speaker

“I just finished watching the new Alien Intrusion film and it is world class - a step way above other such documentaries either Christian or secular. I'm certain this project will have a positive Gospel outreach and I'm now even more excited to have Gary on SkyWatch TV soon to help make people aware of this important new movie set for January release.”

Tom Horn, Long time television and radio personality, author and publisher and CEO of SkyWatchTV

“If you’re a Christian, you need to watch this film. With scientific information concerning the possible existence of ETs and interviews from ‘experiencers’, it tackles alleged alien sightings and abductions in a respectful manner while getting to the important root issue of demonic activity and spiritual warfare. You may walk away with a new understanding.”

David Rives, Host of Creation in the 21st Century on TBN